In order to complete the full website set up, you will need to complete the following steps:  

  • Upload your Company Logo 
  • Upload Advertisement Images (optional)
  • Upload Category and Menu Page Images (optional)
  • Add Social Media Links (optional)
  • Set your Delivery Zones, if service type is applicable
  • Add Privacy Policy

Go to :

  1. Click Login
  2. Enter User Name and Password
  3. Click on the Buttons mentioned below to complete website details.

Website Settings

  1. Company Logo Tab - (Appears at the top and bottom of every page)
    1. Browse for Logo 
    2. Click Save
  2. Slider Images Tab - (Appears towards the top of the homepage)
    1. Browse for up to 3 Slider Images
    2. Add Text and Description (Optional) 
    3. Click Save
  3. Merchant Social Media Links Tab - (Appears at the bottom of every page)
    1. Add Social Media Links, where applicable
    2. Click Save
  4. Theme Tab
    1. Select Black or Dark Grey
    2.  Click Save

Advertisement Banner (Optional)

  1. Ad Banner #1 - (Appears after the Our Menu section of the homepage)
    1. Browse for Advertisement Image #1
    2. Add URL Link (Optional) 
  2. Ad Banner #2 - (Appears after the Our Menu section of the homepage)
    1. Browse for Advertisement Image #2
    2. Add URL Link (Optional)
  3. Click Save

Edit Menu (Optional) 

  1. Select Category from list
  2. Click Edit Category
  3. Update Online Category Name, if required
  4. Add Online Category Description, if applicable
  5. Click Landing Page Image Tab
  6. Browse for Category Landing Page Image (This will be displayed in the Our Menu Section of the Home Page)
  7. Click Menu Page Image Tab
  8. Browse for Menu Page Image (This will be displayed in the Menu section for each category)
  9. Click Update to Save
  10. Repeat Steps 2 through 9 for other Categories

Delivery Zone (Required if offering Delivery Services)

You can setup multiple delivery zones with different delivery fees. Delivery zones can not intersect at any point.  

To Add Delivery Zone

  1. Click Delivery Zone
  2. Click the Draw Tool 
  3. Click a Pin Point on the Map to Start the delivery zone. 
  4. Click a Second Pin Point, then a Third Pin point and so on. (Starting and Ending Pin Point will be the same.)
  5. Once all corners are connected, another window will pop-up
  6. Enter the Delivery Area Name
  7. Add an Optional Description
  8. Enter the Delivery Charges
  9. Click Save, then Ok.
  10. Repeat steps 2 through 9 for additional delivery zones

Multiple Delivery Zones 

Important Note:  Once a delivery zone has been deleted, it is permanent and can not be undeleted.

Order Settings

  1. Set Minimum Delivery Order Amount (If there is no minimum Enter $0.00)
  2. Click Save

Privacy Policy (Optional)

  1. Add Privacy policy details (This will appear at the bottom of all pages under the privacy policy link)
  2. Click Save

Location Profile

  1. Click Copy Link (This is your new Website Address)
  2. Share with your Customers