Employees assigned as Cashiers or Servers must cash in prior to processing orders through the POS.  Cashiers and Servers will receive a message to "Please Cash In" prior to entering orders at the register screen.  See Cash In.

To Cash Out

  1. Select Cash In / Out 
  2. Enter Employee Passcode
  3. Enter Ending Cash Amount (Credit Card and Gift Cards payments will automatically calculate)
  4. Select Finish
  5. Cash Out Finished? Select Yes
  6. Print Money Count Receipt? Select Yes or No
  7. Select OK to Confirm Successful Cash Out
  8. Total Cash Out amount will appear in the Screen.

Important Note:  If the employee has open pending orders, they will get a message "There are open pending orders. Do you really want to cash out?  Select Yes or No. 

If there is a Discrepancy with the amount (Over or Under), you will be greeted with another screen with the discrepancy amount and a section to enter the reason for the discrepancy.  

See Cash In / Out Report for employee details.