To Install Receipt Printer(s)

  1. Select Back Office
  2. Enter Manager Passcode
  3. Select Station Settings
  4. Select Printer Settings
  5. Select Customer Receipt Printer
  6. POS Unit will automatically search for printer(s) located on the same network, Select Search Printers button, to search for printers again.
  7. Select Customer Receipt Printer from the list, customer receipt printer will now appear in red.  (Please note:  All other printers listed in black will act as Kitchen Receipt Printers.)
  8. Select the Back arrow to leave screen.

Optional Steps:   You can name each printer for use with Kitchen printer routing.  Send specific items to different kitchen printers.

To Name Printer(s)

  1. Enter Name of Printer, in the field next to printer ip address. 
  2. Click Save

Important Notes:

  1. If getting a Printer Not Found message -  Check to make sure the printer(s) are on the same network as the POS unit(s). 
  2. Printer is listed but not printing - If using SNBC printer(s) - Check to make sure you have gone through the SNBC setup procedures, prior to searching for printer(s). *See SNBC Printer Utility Setup