To Add Free Item Coupon

  1. Select Coupons
  2. Select Create Coupon
  3. Enter Coupon Code (used for redemption online and point of sale)
  4. Select Coupon Type Item
  5. Select Menu (ex. Dinner Menu)
  6. Select Category (ex. Appetizers)
  7. Select Item (ex. Bread Sticks)
  8. Enter Quantity
  9. Select Size(s)
  10. Click Add, repeat steps 5 to 10, if applicable
  11. Enter a Coupon Description (This will display on the online ordering website)
  12. Select Discount Assigned On (Total Amount, Item or Category)
  13. Enter Minimum Order Amount
  14. Browse for Coupon Image (This will display on the online ordering website)
  15. Select Location(s)
  16. Select Start Date
  17. Select End Date
  18. Enter Unavailable Date (Block out Dates, if applicable) 
  19. Select Time Table 
  20. Select Create, you will see it populate on the list
  21. Select Activate (Coupon code will be live) 
  22. Select Offer (if you want the offer to appear on the online ordering website)

Important Note:  Item must be added to the cart in order to apply the coupon.