Printer Routing Step By Step:

  1. Login to Restaurant Web Admin Portal
  2. Select Location Profile
  3. Make Printer Selection from Drop down Menu, Click Save, then Select Home
  4. Select Edit Menu
  5. Select Label Set-up
  6. Select Create Label
  7. Enter a Kitchen Printer Label Name (i.e. Kitchen 1, Kitchen 2, Kitchen 3)
  8. Click Save (Repeat steps 4-6 for each kitchen printer)


  1. Install POS Application:
  2. Load & Register POS Application
  3. Select Back Office
  4. Select Station Settings
  5. Select Printer Settings
  6. Select Set Customer Receipt Printer
  7. Enter a Label Name for Each Kitchen Printer (Label names can be the same as listed in step 7 above.)
  8. Select Save


  1. Go Back to the Web Admin Portal
  2. Select Location Profile
  3. Select Set Printer
  4. Pair Each Label Name with Each Printer
  5. Select Save



Assign Items to Label Printer: 

  1. Login to Web Admin Portal
  2. Select Edit Menu
  3. Select Label Set-up
  4. Select Label Assign Tab
  5. Select Menu & Category
  6. Then Select the Label Printer from Drop Down menu.
  7. Select Save

Printer Routing Tips:

  1. You can assign a label printer at the item level, when the item is being created.
  2. Any Items set as No-Label will print on All available kitchen printers
  3. All Non Menu Items will print on All available kitchen printers on a separate receipt.
  4. If a Label Printer is Turned Off or Not working, after the 4th print attempt, the system will automatically route the item to all remaining available printers.
  5. Labels can be assigned to an item prior to POS installation as long as the label has already been created from the web portal. Once the POS is installed and the MAC ID of the printers is recorded on the servers, you can then finish mapping the label printers under Location Profile --> Set-Printers.