Delivery zone(s) and fee(s) must be setup if you will be offering delivery services.  You can setup multiple delivery zones with different delivery fees. Delivery zones can not intersect at any point.  

To Add Delivery Zone

  1. Click Delivery Zone
  2. Click the Draw Tool 
  3. Click a Pin Point on the Map to Start the delivery zone. 
  4. Click a Second Pin Point, then a Third Pin point and so on. (Starting and Ending Pin Point will be the same.)
  5. Once all corners are connected, another window will pop-up
  6. Enter the Delivery Area Name
  7. Add an Optional Description
  8. Enter the Delivery Charges
  9. Click Save, then Ok.
  10. Repeat steps 2 through 9 for additional delivery zones

Multiple Delivery Zones: 

Important Note:  Once a delivery zone has been deleted, it is permanent and can not be undeleted.