Delivery zone(s) and fee(s) must be setup if you will be offering delivery services.  You can setup multiple delivery zones with different delivery fees. Delivery zones can not intersect at any point.  Below are some important Map icons for your references. 

Location Pin Point - Location address is pin pointed on the map, for ease of drawing the delivery zone. 

Map Refresh - Allows you to refresh the map after editing or adding new delivery zone.


Open Map - Allows you to Open the Map in another larger window for ease of drawing the delivery zone.

Hand Tool - Allows you to grab and move the map to a different areas.

Draw Tool - Allows you to click on the map and draw the delivery zone.

Peg man - Allows you to drop the peg man on the map and opens in street view.


Zoom Tool - Allows you to zoom In/out of a specific area in the map.