To Create an Item:

  1. Click Edit Menu 
  2. Click Menu Setup
  3. Highlight Menu from the List
  4. Click the Magnify glass under view category
  5. Highlight the Category where you want to add item
  6. Click the Magnify glass under view item.
  7. Click New Item:    

                    a. Add Item Name

                    b. Add Item Description (Optional)

                    c. Item Label (Optional) *See Printer Routing

                    d. Browse for Item Image (Optional) (Image is only viewable on the POS register screen.)

                    e. Enter Maximum Quantity

                    f.  Add Amount to available sizes (Amounts at $0.00, will not be viewable on the website for online orders or in the POS.)

                    g. Select the Days the item is available.

                    h. Add Preferences (Optional), move already created preference from the list on the left to the box on the right will add                            it to the item or create a new preference *See preferences   

                    i.  Add Modifiers (Optional), choose already created modifier(s) from the drop down list or create a new modifier *See                             Modifiers

      8. Click Save