Here you will add corporate information and details that will display on the home page of the website.

Company Logo - Click Browse to select image, once the images is selected in will appear in the grey area.  For best quality Image dimensions should be 200 x 90 pixels and up to 500kb in size.

Slider Images - You can add 3 Slider images, which will appear at the top of the website home page.  Click Browse for each slider image, Add Optional Text and Description, which will appear over the slider image.  Adding a Description will trigger a button "Get It Now" on the slider image.  For best quality Image dimensions should be 1860 x 855 pixels and up to 500kb in size.

Social Media Links - These social media links are Corporate Headquarters specific, this will display the logos of the specific social media profile at the bottom of the website homepage.  All links should begin with http:// or https:// to be valid. If any of the fields are left blank the social media link/logo will not appear at the bottom section of the website homepage.  *See Location Profile for location specific social media links.

Theme - Select Black or Dark Grey.   *This section is Under Construction*