Here you will find important location specific account information.  

Menu Selection - Allows you to select the menu that will be displayed to your customers for online ordering.  You can share the same menu across multiple locations or display a different menu for each specific location. Only one menu can be displayed online at a time. 

Printer Selection (StarMicronics, SNBC or On-Board) - Allows you to select the printer(s) you will use in your location.  The printer selection should be made prior to installing the POS or Standalone Online Ordering Admin.  The APIs for the specific printer will download upon installation and registration.   If Printers are not being used then select On-Board Printer from the drop down selection.

Merchant ID# - Required for POS Registration/Installation

Location ID# - Required for POS Registration/Installation

Menu Direct Link - This is the direct link to your website.  You will only see the website once the menu is published online.

Set-Printers - *See Printer Routing

Social Links - These social media links are location specific, this will display the logos of the specific social media profile under the location section of the website.  All links should begin with http:// or https:// to be valid. If any of the fields are left blank the social media link/logo will not appear in the location section of the website.  *See Website Settings for Corporate social media links. 

Copy Link - Allows you to copy and paste the website link.