Modifier Options generally raise the base cost of an item. You can add a cost to specific modifier options, when they are selected.

To Add Price to Item Modifier Option:  

  1. Click Edit Menu 
  2. Click Menu Setup
  3. Highlight Menu from the List
  4. Click the Magnify glass under view category
  5. Highlight the Category where you want to edit item
  6. Click the Magnify glass under view item.
  7. Double Click on the Item Name.
  8. Click Edit
  9. Double Click on the Existing Modifier in the list to view or Click Add Modifier
  10. In the Modifier window Select Choice Type Allow One* or Multiple* with Min and Max choices.
  11. Add Option Price Amount under the specific size.
  12. Click Save.

Choice Type:  Selecting Allow One, will force an item selection of Choose 1.

                         Selecting Multiple, will produce a drop down menu for minimum/maximum option selection.  (Ex. Choose Min 0 up to                          3 or Choose Min 1 to 10, etc...)